Yul Edochie Finally Opens Up On ‘Son Saga’ With Mistress Judy Austin

Yul Edochie of Nollywood has finally broken the silence on the allegations of him having a son with his colleague, Judy Austin.

Yul Edochie

Recall a brouhaha broke on the internet where an Instagram blogger called Cutie Juls alleged that, Yul Edochie and his side chick, Judy Austin have given birth to a son outside his marriage. This got his fans talking as they felt disappointed by his actions considering how great he has been able to build his reputation and has become a role model to his people in serving his country.

Judy Austin

He faced the wrath of Nigerians after they thought of how his wife, May Edochie, would be feeling in her marriage amid the fracas. Yul Edochie has finally come out to clear the air, expressing his disappointment in his fans who forgot about his hard work in building Nigeria but rather decided to intrude into his private matters to bring him down. He apologized to Nigerians making them understand that, he would fail them. Yul Edochie listed his qualities and advised them to come together as one for a better and developer country instead of trying to be on each other’s neck for failure.

May Yul Edochie

In his post, he wrote:

A young man who never relied on his father’s name but worked extremely hard to build his own name.
A young man who came into Nollywood and took it to greater heights with his outstanding performances.
A young man who defied the odds and ran for Governor of his State at 35yrs.
Rejected all forms of bribes to step down by other parties and ran the race till the end.
A young man who gave up his political appointment to join the campaign to rescue Nigeria.
A young man who has stood for peace, unity, and progress in Nigeria and Africa.
A young man who constantly assists, fights for the youths, and encourages them to believe in themselves and fight for their rights and their country.
A young man who constantly celebrates other people’s achievements.
A man of high integrity.
A fearless young man who has declared his interest to run for President of Nigeria, 2023 and will be only 41yrs of age by then.
Indeed a shining example to the youths.

Are they giving me my accolades?
Are they discussing my contribution to building a better society?
Are they supporting my Presidential ambition?

They are busy discussing my private life which is not their business.
But I’m not surprised.
That has always been one of our major problems in Nigeria, always ignoring relevant issues and focusing on frivolities.
People who have never acknowledged my contributions to nation-building are quick to discuss my private life all in a bid to bring me down.
Well sorry to disappoint you, you can’t bring me down.
God lifted me, designed, and equipped me for a divine purpose on earth.
Like King David, I’m a man after God’s own heart.
So while you are busy discussing my private life, please can you also use some percentage of that time to support my 2023 Presidential ambition.
Together we can save our country.

Thank you and May God bless us all.


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