“You Dey Mental” – Burna Boy’s PA Reveals Evidence Against US Rapper, Abi Bia, For Lying About Not Knowing Burna Boy

Burna Boy’s personal assistant identified as @King_Manny on Instagram has descended on American rapper Abi Bia, trashing her claims of not knowing Burna Boy.

Burna Boy

Recall the fast-rising American rapper made claims amid an Instagram live interview with Nicky Minaj. Abi Bia after she was asked to choose who among the Nigerian musicians she would love to marry, fvck and kill, responded that she knows none of them. This caused Nicky Minaj to describe her response as unfortunate which got Nigerians upset. An aide to Burna Boy has now retrieved a post, Abi made about Burna Boy in 2018. This is Abi lied about not knowing any of the Nigerian artists.

Burna Boy

@King_ manny’s post reads:

@bia abi na come b your name … you dey mental you know you can’t denial this Grammy dc$£kk were since 2018

Watch the video below:

See some reactions to this new expose by Manny:

@big.dan wrote;

She isn’t wrong na, you can jam to someone’s song and don’t know them what’s there? Nigerians sef

@glorianinja wrote;

Can this burna boy and his aide rest already? They always seem to be restless and always act immature. That’s why Wizkid be baba. Not a noise maker and have no time for such.

@spicy_menu wrote;

You can make your point without insulting her. I don’t know what is wrong with Nigerians, inferiority complex is worrying a lot of Naija celebs & their fans oh. Smh!!!

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