Who is Jose Andrés wife? Meet Patricia Andres

Jose Andres’ wife, Patricia, was born in Spain. She is from a region in the South of Spain. Just like her husband, Patricia’s profession also lies in culinary arts.

Patricia’s hometown is famed for soups like Gazpacho and she has molded this into her experience in the culinary arts, she must have aided her husband in his work.

Patricia Andres and Jose Andres
Photo Credit: Shutter Stock

Jose Andres has 30 restaurants. Some of these include Bazaar meat, Somni, America Eats Tavern, Mercado, Little Spain, China Poblano, The Bazaar, Jaleo, Fish, Pepe, and Ovations by America Eats.

Jose Andres is a Spanish-born celebrity chef, television star, and writer. He is also the founder and head of Think Food Group. This is a collection of modern-day culinary artists who wow people with their innovative culinary ideas in regions like Puerto Rico, Las Vegas, and Miami.

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