Who Are John Meadows’ Wife And Children?

The sad news about John Meadows’ death hit online and was confirmed by his family on August 8, 2021. The famous Bodybuilder has left his beautiful wife and two sons behind.

John before his demise has shared a few information about his personal life. He’s married to Mary meadows and were blessed with male twins.

Who is John Meadows’ wife

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John was married to Mary until his demise. John has not shared much information about how she met his wife and how long they have been together as a couple. However, John always credits her wife for supporting him throughout his career. John Meadows’ wife, Mary has stayed away from social media and this has made it difficult to gather much information about her.

Who are John Meadows’ children

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John Meadows was blessed with male twins. He had his children with his beautiful wife, Mary in 2006. They named their sons Jonathan and Alexander

Jonathan is a social media enthusiast who showcased his love for superheroes on his social media accounts. Alexander is a video creator who also posts his content on Instagram.

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