Watch Will Smith’s Daughter, Willow Smith, Shave Her Hair On Stage While Performing

Will Smith’s Daughter, Willow Smith, has shaved her entire afro hair while performing her new song ‘Whip My Hair,’ on stage. As a daughter of one of the greatest black actors in the world, Willow Smith along with his brother Jaden Smith have had a taste of fame since childhood.

Willow Smith, pictured in January 2014. Angela Weiss / Getty Images

The talented Hollywood actor’s blessings seem to have been transferred through his blood to his children as two of them have turned out great to dominate the entertainment industry.

Willow Smith happens to be a model cum singer whose artistry has become one to admire and appreciate. She also plays the role of an actress on some occasions. After the release of her new song ‘Whip My Hair,’ Willow has been seen performing on several stages in America, but this performance has taken so many people by surprise.

She shaved her fully grown Afro hair right on stage while performing the song energetically. Willow and her brother Jaden are known for their weirdness in the industry so even though this comes as a surprise, it is not something out of the box for her to do. A while ago, her brother also shaved off his dreadlocks that have been kept for years, for reasons best known to him.

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