Watch BBNaija Season 6 Housemate, Boma On American TV Series, The Blacklist

After the BBNaija Season 6 male housemates were introduced to viewers for the first time and netizens have started digging into the archives of the housemates.

Boma BBNaija Season 6

It happens that, one of the housemates, Boma is an actor, model and masseuse. He has featured on tv shows such as The Blacklist and Law and Order. He has earned a spot in the historic upcoming film by award-winning actor, Hill Harper  ‘Protector of the Gods’ as Azibo.


In one of the episodes of NBC Blacklist, Boma is seen in the middle of a gunfight with the lead actor of the show, Raymond Reddington and his bodyguard, Dembe. This was one of the scenes where the Nigerian language, Yoruba was spoken.

Watch the videos below;

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