Video: “The God Europeans introduced to Africa is the reason why we’re poor” – Emma Derricks reveals

The truth is, Africa is blessed considering its natural resources, but it seems the continent is still in the stone age if it’s compared to Europe.

On top of it all, the citizens are always in church on Saturdays and Sundays praying to the Abrahamic God for prosperity, however, the citizenry continues to wallow in abject poverty which beats the imagination of critical thinking minds.

It’s at the back of this that Emma Derricks, CEO of ED INSTITUTE, has envisaged that perhaps Africans are poor because of the dimension of God Europeans introduced to the continent.

Emma Derricks
Emma Derricks, CEO of ED INSTITUTE,

According to him, the Europeans are more philosophical in thinking than Africans especially Ghanaians largely due to the dimension of God those who introduced Christianity propagated.

As to his best knowledge, the dimension of God that Africans has embraced only prepares the soul for eternity and not physical prosperity.

“….. Look at places like Europe, the dimension of God introduced them was philosophical and that dimension builds the mind… This Christianity we practice in Africa is because of our roots – playing the drums to dance before the lesser …”, Emma Derricks stated.

This is why in a country like Germany Africans claim they don’t know God can record zero per cent poverty. Africa is saying they don’t know God so which kind of God are we serving and still poor?”, he quizzed.

VIDEO Below:

 Source: TheBBCghana.Com


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