Very Sad: 10 Nollywood Actors Who Died Broke

From afar, you might think all Nollywood actors are rich since most of us erroneously equate fame with money. 

Indeed, most of these Nollywood actors in this report made enough money during their glittering career but they still died as paupers, leaving us with more questions than answers.

These revered screen gods could not afford their own medication and have to literally beg their own colleagues and well-wishing Nigerians to assist them during their last days. Certainly, this shouldn’t have characterized the last moment of a rich person, should it?

From kidney problems to heart failures, these actors could not fund their medical bills which culminated in their deaths- a very sad situation that somewhat paints a different picture about the glosNollywood Actors Who Died Broke sy Nollywood.

Find more information that will expatiate this theme in the video below;

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