Venita Finally Confirms She Hates Vee As She Calls Out Everyone Who Supports Her

Former BBNaija house, Venita, has finally confirmed her hate for Vee as she has slammed most individuals who rallied behind her during her outburst with Tolanibaj on the 2021 BBNaija reunion show.


In an earlier post, Venita called out her colleague, Esther Biade for slamming Tolanibaj and defending Vee after what ensued between them at the 2021 reunion show. Venita stated that Esther shouldn’t have taken sides as everyone knows how she moves around her friend’s love interest.

Reacting to Venita’s comments, a fan identified as Nonsobaby stated that her reaction towards Esther proves that she indeed hates Vee.

Vee and Neo

Venita responded and said, “And that’s strictly on!!!”.

Venita and Vee do have a cordial relationship although she is dating her cousin. If readers will recall, Vee in an interview mentioned that she has no relationship with Venita and only knows her as her boyfriend’s cousin.

See the post below;


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