Van Jones Net Worth After Receiving $100 million From Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos announced that he will give $100 million each to Van Jones and chef Jose Andres. The decision was announced in a press conference after the Amazon CEO completed his $5.5 billion trip to space.

During his post-flight press conference, Jeff Bezos confirmed that the combined $200 million given to the pair would be donated to charity. The Amazon CEO added that Van Jones and Andres were free to do what they wanted with the money and could decide how it was distributed.

Van Jones
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Van Jones has an estimated net worth of $5 million. With the $100 million given to him by Jeff Bezos, Van Jones stated that he will use the money to further his efforts at feeding the hungry- which his own non-profit charity works on.

Van Jones is a news and political commentator, author, and Lawyer. He was born in Jackson, Tennessee in September 1968. He is best known for being a CNN host and regular political commentator.


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