Vaccinated Veteran singer, Mike Okri, Contracts COVID-19

Famous musician, Mike Okri, has contracted COVID-19 though he received jabs for the vaccine.

The music star took to social media to share the shocking news sharing that, he went for a COVID test on Friday with hopes to travel only for him to receive the result the next day and it tested positive.

He revealed this in a Facebook live and shared that, the result of the test came to him as a “rude shock” since he has already taken the vaccine.

Mike Okri

He said he is currently in self-isolation and said he feels devastated as he can’t travel for another 10 to 14 days.

Okri therefore, advised those “doubting Thomases that the damn thing is real.”

I’m feeling funny; even though I had my vaccines, double shots, I’m still almost like, hmm, that doesn’t mean that you’re immune.

So, folks, there are a lot of people walking around with it, but they don’t even know,” he stated.


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