“Unless There Is A Child, Never Befriend Your Ex”

Unless there is a child, never befriend your ex - Journalist warns
Yaa Kyeiwaa

Ghanaian broadcaster cum relationship coach, Yaa Kyeiwaa has warned individuals never to befriend their exes unless there is a child.

Explaining who ex is, she said ex is an expired boyfriend or girlfriend who one used to have an intimate relationship with some time ago but due to certain reasons, the relationship had to come to an end.

Speaking in an interview with eTV, she opined that people sometimes make cases that expired goods can sometimes be renewed but it depends.

According to her, keeping your ex as your friend is wrong and shouldn’t be done.

“If he is coming back with the same vibe and same energy he had when you both were together it won’t help you. So before you renew a relationship with your ex you have to know what you’re doing and what you really want”. He said.

She advised that the only instance where exes can remain friends is when there is a child involved in this case both of you will have to come together to raise the child.

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