UK’s Top Producer, JAE5, Expresses Interest In Collaborating With Emerging Ghanaian Rapper, Black Sheriff

One of London’s most sought-after music producers, Jae5, has expressed interest in collaborating with emerging Ghanaian rapper, Black Sheriff.

(Jae5 and Black Sheriff)

Jae5 is arguably the most decorated drill music producer in the UK music industry and has produced beats for artistes like Skepta, J. Hus, Dave, and more.

(Jae5 and his accolades)

In a tweet that was quoted by the ‘Dimension’ beat producer, he revealed that Black Sherrif will be the first artiste he would like to work with as soon as he goes to Ghana. Black Sherrif became an internet sensation after releasing a snippet of his hit single ‘First Sermon’ on social media. Many people loved his enthusiasm and energy for the music and considered him to be passionate about what he’s doing. Even though most people ridiculed him for being too aggressive and tagged him as someone who wants to escape ‘poverty,’ he has managed to ignore that and focus.

After his ‘First Sermon’ hit, he has released a new song titled ‘Second Sermon,’ which attracted the UK-based Producer to work with him.

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