Reverend Father Roland Kpoanu, Parish Priest, Christ the King Anglican Church, Sakumono, has called on Christians to trust God as 2021 presages triumph and transformation.

He said, “in times of hopelessness, fear, anxiety and suffering amidst Covid-19, God had not disappointed, hence we must learn to completely entrust ourselves to him for his sustaining grace.”

Rev’d Kpoanu, in his New Year homily, to a packed congregation – accustomed with “Watch Night Services” to climax the year – on the theme: “Trust in God”, admonished Christians to be steadfast in their faith in God in the ensuing year, 2021.

In a euphoric atmosphere, parishioners clad in all white apparels, waved their white handkerchiefs as they chanted soothing canticles and songs of praise in thanksgiving for the Lord’s protection and guidance in a year many have described as troubling as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Churches across Sakumono in Tema were also filled to capacity with Christians, first-timers and non-Christians alike, attired in spotless white clothing in a celebratory fashion to usher themselves into the new year.

Unlike previous years, this year’s celebration took a different turn as all persons who thronged their respective churches were spotted in nose masks and were expected to wash or sanitize their hands.

According to the Parish Priest, even though in the last year life seemed less characterised in the attendance of church and more characterised with continuous prayers in the wake of the pandemic, Christians were still rooted in their unwavering faith in God.

He said the expression Christian faith ought to be undaunted even though oftentimes Christians failed to fully grasp God’s design for their lives and as a result led to despair.

Citing Proverbs 3:5, he reassured the congregants to renew their trust in God in the ensuing year as God’s grace was unchanging and his goodness, infinite.

Meanwhile, at the Hope Congregation of the Presbyterian Church in Sakumono, where service was held in the open, Reverend Emmanuel Obeng Ntow, Resident Minister, reiterated the need for Christians to remain optimistic and not give up in spite of the encumbrances life presents, including the threat of Covid-19.

Reverend Father Felix Sesenyo Quarshie, Parish Priest of the Corpus Christi Catholic Church, noted that, despite the challenges of Covid-19, many across the globe had taken advantage of the pandemic to improve themselves professionally and economically, and said: “it requires us to be grateful to God regardless of challenges.”

Source: GNA

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