Tokyo Olympics 2020: Nigerian Rower, Esther Toko, Fails To Qualify To Next Round

The covid-19 pandemic prevented its original schedule but could not wipe it out entirely — 2020 Summer Olympic Games is live here in Tokyo, Japan. From July 23, 2021, to August 8, 2021, it’s all about the 2020 Summer Olympics and Japan.

With 33 sports at 339 events across 42 venues, 2020 Summer Olympics games come your way on your screens from Tokyo, Japan.

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Nigerian talent rower Esther Tamaraebi Toko, who won bronze and silver medals at the 2019 African Beach Games, hopes to take her career to the next level this summer in the rower.

Esther Tamaraebi Toko becomes the first home base Athlete to represent Nigeria in rowing. Esther in the Women’s single sculls, Heat 1 placed 5th among six rowers while the first three qualify to the next round.

From the United States is K. Kohler who finished with 7:49.71, T. Klimovich from Belarus finished with 7:51.86, and N. Malawi from Iran with 7:59.01.

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Esther Tamaraebi Toko who finished 5th with 8:58.49 and A. Alonso from Paraguay and E. Khogali from Sudan who finished 4th and 6th respectively with 8:11.88 and 10:18.27 will have their future determined at the 2020 Summer Olympics during the repechage at 11:10 GMT.



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