Toby Kirkup: Biography And Cause Of Death Of The Peaky Blinders Actor

Toby Kirkup is an actor popularly known for his part as a police officer in BBC’s Peaky blinders. Toby was 48 when he died, however, his exact date of birth and year are unknown. He is the son of Philip and Pamela.

Kirkup is a graduate of the University of Huddersfield. He had a varied career as a writer, stagehand, and TV presenter working with crews in the UK and Europe.

Tony Kirkup
Photo Credit:Dublin’s Q102

Toby Kirkup was a married man but he did not reveal the name and identity of his wife to the media and the public. He is reportedly the father of a daughter called, Isabella.

Cause Of Death Of Toby Kirkup, The Peaky Blinders Actor

What happened to Toby Kirkup? On August 29, Toby Kirkup was brought to Huddersfield Royal Infirmary after complaining of chest problems and tingling in his arms. He was diagnosed with gastritis and was discharged but just an hour later, his condition worsened, where he began vomiting before eventually suffering a cardiac arrest.

A post mortem examination from Bradford Coroner’s Court had previously established death natural causes.

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