There Are So Many Gay Pastors Who Want to Sleep With Me – Madina Obroni Reveals

Madina Obroni, a Trans-Gender lady and member of the LGBTQI+ Community has exposed the men of God who are pursuing an intimate relationship with her.

During an interview on Kantnka Tv’s ‘Link Up’ with Mona Gucci, Madina Obroni made it known that, there are many curious men who are fighting to sleep with her.

According to her, they are eager to know what sex with a trans person feels like. Therfore, they pay huge sums of money just to have that opportunity.

“As a woman like me, I can say that I have so many lawyers and MPs who have called me on so many occasions and I can do anything to get money from them, but I am not like that.

“I even have pastors chasing me, but I am not like that,” she emphasized.

See video below:

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