“The World Doesn’t Revolve Around Tacha, Stop Sending Me Death Threats” – Dr. Cherry Warns

TV reality star, Dr Cherry, has debunked claims that she hates BBnaija star, Tacha after several questions popped up on social media asking why she speaks ill of her.

Symply Tacha

Dr Cherry and Tacha are fond of throwing shades at each other on social media and fans are wondering why there is tension between the two. During a question and answer session with her fans, about three people asked her to explain the reason behind her beef with Tacha.

Dr. Cherry

Responding to this, she stated that she does not have any issues with Tacha as the world does not revolve around her. She also mentioned that she cannot always agree with her as she may also have diverse opinions about her.

Dr. Cherry said;

“Do you support everybody? But that doesn’t mean you hate them bia? Tacha has all the support she needs. The world does not revolve around just one person”.

See the post below;

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