Tems Reacts To Her Ex-lover Dubby’s Claims That He Regrets Cheating With Her Best Friend

Singer, Terms, has reacted to a post by her alleged ex-boyfriend, who expressed regret for losing her.

The ex-boyfriend, known as Dubby, shared with his fans a mistake he would like to change if he was given the opportunity in a question-and-answer moment in his Instagram story.


A fan had asked him what his biggest mistake was and would like to change if given the opportunity and he responded by sharing that, he regrets cheating on Tems.

He revealed that he cheated on Tems with her own best friend back in 2017, and shared that, 4 years since the incident and he regrets now as he has realized, he “never knew the worth of my gold until I lost it.”


Tems has however responded to her ex boyfriend’s confession and she seems to be having a hard time remembering who he is.

Reacting to the post which has been making rounds on social media, Tems tweeted, questioning who “this guy” is.

See the guy’s post and Tems’s reaction below….

Tem’s response to her ex

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