“Sounds Like S*x” – Wizkid Talks About Made In Lagos Deluxe Version

Nigerian Singer and Songwriter, Wizkid, is still giving hints about his Made In Lagos Deluxe album. According to him, the version sounds like s*x. This explains to show that, the new songs will have a feel of a romantic moment where it will be similar to having int*rcourse or even enthuse people to have something s*xual.

Wizkid I youtube.com

The Grammy award winner has been quite busy lately, from selling out tour tickets to being on tour to making new music. After the release of ‘Essence’ remix which features Justin Bieber, he announced his first-ever deluxe album, which will have additional songs to his most-streamed album of all time, Made In Lagos. Fans are currently anticipating how the three newly added songs will turn out, as some have already exhausted the fifteen (15) songs that are already on the original version of the album.

As of now, there have not been any hints on which artistes will be featured on the deluxe version, but there is a high probability of the three songs features other artistes.



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