Social Media Reacts As American Rapper Young MA Allegedly Gets Pregnant; She Is A Cross-dresser Mostly Identified As A Male

American Rapper, Young MA, who for years has been cross-dressing on numerous occasions has allegedly gotten pregnant. The rapper started trending on social media a while ago after the rumors hit the internet.

Young MA picture posted by her on Instagram

Young MA is known for her kind of dressing, speaking and even presenting herself on so many occasions. People sometimes mistake her for a male as she portrays herself as more masculine than feminine. The news hitting the internet has caused a hilarious moment as netizens react to it.

However, she tweeted an hour ago, debunking the rumors.

“I turn opinions into financial positions… I turn fake rumors into great humor,” she wrote.

She rose to fame after releasing her first hit single titled “Ooouuu” which acquired quadruple-platinum sales and raked in 300 million views on YouTube. The 29-year old was once featured on Forbes 30 Under 30 Most Influential people. Some of her songs include BIG, PettyWap, Successful, and many more.


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