Silvia Fortini: Facts About Roberto Mancini’s Wife

Silvia Fortini is the wife of Roberto Mancini, the manager of the Italian national football team. Not much is known of Silvia Fortini but according to several online sources, she is 42 years old. Silvia Fortini heads a law firm in Rome, Italy as a civil lawyer. It’s the same law firm that works for her husband Roberto too.

Information available on several online portals indicates that Silvia also serves a number of financial companies and banks.

Silvia Fortini and Roberto Mancini married in 2018 after the football manager ended his 30-year marriage with Federica Mancini. The couple has no children together but Roberto Mancini has three from his previous marriage.

Silvia is an Italian.

Roberto Mancini and His Ex-Wife, Federica Morelli Shared Three Children | PHOTO CREDIT: Vanity Fair

Silvia Fortini Age

How old is Silvia Fortini? Silvia Fortini is 42 years of age. She is 14 years younger than her husband.

Silvia Fortini Wikipedia

Is Silvia Fortini on Wikipedia? Silvia Fortini currently does not have a Wikipedia page but her husband Roberto Mancini does.

Silvia Fortini net worth

How much is Silvia Fortini worth? Not much information is available on Silvia Fortini but taking into accounts her years of marriage with Roberto Mancini, her job as a lawyer, and services to companies including financial institutions, Silvia Fortini has an estimated net worth of $2o million.

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