‘She Sent A Message To My Family That She Likes Me’ – Man Who Married His Brother’s Fiancée Shortly After His Death Speaks

The Nigerian man who stunned netizens after he married the fiancée of his brother shortly after he died has clarified his actions.

The Kaduna-based young man, Sulaiman Muhammad told the BBC his brother’s death was devastating to the whole family and since was in the process of marrying before he got shot by bandits in a gun battle, he thought it wise to ‘continue his legacy.’

According to him, shortly after Abubakar’s death, Hajara sent word to him through her family that she likes him and will like to get married to him. He mentioned that he was in a relationship with another lady before Hajara came into the picture and that the lady had to accept her fate after he got married to Hajara.

He said what matters to him the most is that both families are in support of their union.

“Abubakar was my immediate elder brother and I loved him very much. His death still hurts me so much.

What happened was that, after his death, the fiancée’s family sent a message to my family. And the message is that the lady said she likes me and instead of calling off the wedding that was just three weeks away, it would be better I replace my brother, and today we are husband and wife.

I had a girlfriend but this thing that happened is destiny and I am glad that my ex-girlfriend accepted it the way it is. Both families are in support of what we did and that is the most important thing.

My friend showed me some of the comments on social media but I’m not moved at all because God has already blessed our wedding. It rained on our wedding day to show God’s blessings,” he said.


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