Selling Tilapia On The Street Is Far Better Than Learning A Handy Work

Selling Tilapia on the street is far better than learning a handy work - lady reveals
Tilapia seller

A Ghanaian lady identified as Felicia Bossoh has revealed that the advantages of selling Tilapia on the street or market outweigh the advantages of learning handy work.

According to her in an exclusive interview with, she joined her mother in the Tilapia selling business at age six.

Even though she completed her basic and secondary school education, the 40-year-old woman indicated that due to financial crises, she ended her schooling carer to learn a trade.

After graduating as a seamstress, madam Felicia noted that the work wasn’t paying as planned and so she had to jump the gun to join the Tilapia sellers on the street.

She continued that unlike the Tilapia business where she sees money each day, the seamstress wasn’t giving her that hope since people pay after doing their work and some even refuse to pay.

She, however, recommended handy works to the youth, asserting that it’s better to have one than to beg on street.

Watch the video below;

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