SASSA SRD GRANT: R350 Grant Payments Are Ready; This Is All What You Need To Know

The South African government has officially confirmed that applicants for the R350 grants started receiving their payments from Monday, August 23.

What Are The August Payment Dates For R350 Grant

The agency has announced to the public how payment of the R350 dates will work. In an update sighted on their official social media page, SASSA explained that there is no fixed date and as to when that particular beneficiary will be paid.

Part of the statement reads;

“The payment for the special COVID-19 SRD R350 Grant will be made from today, August 23, 2021. However, beneficiaries cannot be given specific dates as to when that particular beneficiary will be paid”.


Does Your ID Number Determine When You Get Paid?

The Agency has also dismissed reports that payment dates will be decided by the last three digits of each applicants’ ID number as speculated on social media earlier.

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