Sarkodie Tastes ‘Nigerian Jollof’ Prepared By Don Jazzy

Decorated Ghanaian rapper, Sarkodie, is currently on a media tour in Nigeria and he linked up with Don Jazzy.

The two met up at Don Jazzy’s house, who gave him a very nice and warm welcome and they seemed to had a great time, meeting for the very first time.

Don Jazzy decided to top the welcome with something more and, therefore, decided to go ‘chef Jazzy’ and make him something to eat.

Don Jazzy and Sarkodie

To let Sarkodie decide between Ghana and Nigerian Jollof and settle the war, he decided to make him some Nigerian jollof.

The rapper took to Twitter to share a picture of the food, which looked good, and shared that, Don Jazzy made him something since he knew he was pulling up.

Though he admitted that he enjoyed the food, he, however, shared that, it tasted good because it was almost done like Ghana Jollof.

Sarkodie is in Nigeria to promote his recently released album, “No Pressure.”

See the Jollof tweet below…

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