Sally Allison: Why Did Sally Leave Aurora Teagarden?

Sally Allison, also known as Lexa Doig, is a famous Canadian actress better known for playing the title role in the science fiction television series Andromeda.

Sally Allison took everyone by surprise when she announced she was bowing out Aurora Teagarden Mysteries in 2017.

Lexa Doig
Lexa Doig I

staged a comeback though but then was caused by her departure in the first place?

Lexa Doig decided to temporarily drop her role in Aurora Teagarden Mysteries due to her conflicting The Arrangement schedule. This means she did not appear in the 2018 film, Last Scene Alive.

Lexa Doig was then able to return in the ninth Aurora Teagarden TV movie, in 2018, Reap What You Sew, which investigated the murder of Ro’s cousin… with two suspects being closely related to Sally.


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