Runtown And Sudanese girlfriend No More? This Is What Adut Akech Said About Their Relationship

Nigerian Singer, Runtown, in recent days seemed to have found the love of his life as he had been seen in many photos with his South Sudanese girlfriend, Adut Akech Bior who is a model. The two have been seen on social media lately spending a good time together. Runtown, especially,  had her face all over his Instagram page. However, it seems to be a different story for the Sudanese-American model.

Runtown and Adut Akech (photo posted by bellanaija)

Adut took to her page to tell fans to ask her random questions because she was bored and had nothing to do. So many questions were asked about her location, nationality, and many more. But one question that has caused a stir was the question about her relationship status.

“Are you single?” the fan asked.

“Yes ma’am, single and ready to mingle or whatever they say. Jokes but yes I’m single,” Adut replied.

No response has been heard from Runtown to confirm how true it is but there’s no single picture of hers on Runtown’s page now.

Screenshot of Adut Akech Instagram story

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