Rukky Sanda: Actress Celebrates 37th Birthday With Stunning Photos

Actress and writer, Rukayat Akinsanya, popularly known as Rukky Sanda, has turned a year older today, August 23.

To mark her new age, she has taken to social media to share some stunning birthday photos. The birthday girl shared the pictures to celebrate whiles also being all about appreciating God for how far he has brought him.

Grateful for turning 37 years, Rukky shared that, she is just grateful for being alive, “well, healthy, strong, refreshing Blessed Daily, A Sound Mind, Self- Control, Growth, Insight, Wisdom, Grace, Change & Peace.”

Rukky Sanda

She said her joys know no bounds because God deals well with her and her heart is always filled with “overwhelming gratitude.” She also added that nothing will ever sway her attention from God and his purpose for her life.

I Am Deeply Grateful To Be Living The Experience Of A Joy I Always Knew Was A Possibility With A God Of Absolute Devine Goodness, Mercy & Glory,” she wrote.

See the stunning birthday photos below…


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