Robby Steinhardt Cause Of Death Revealed

Robby Steinhardt was a popular American rock violinist and singer best known for his work with the group Kansas, for which he was co-lead singer/”frontman” and MC along with keyboardist Steve Walsh.

Robby Steinhardt was born on May 25, 1950, in Chicago, Illinois, in the United States of America to Ilse and Milton Steinhardt.

Steinhardt attended Lawrence High School and was the concertmaster during his high school years. He has often said that joining a rock band caused him to develop poor playing habits, one of which is holding his violin to the side of his head to hear himself better through the guitar amps and PA system.

Robby Steinhardt Profile Summary

Full Name Robert Eugene Steinhardt
Date of Birth May 25, 1950, Chicago, Illinois
Occupation Violinist, Singer
Marital Status Married, Vida Steinhardt
Date of Death July 17, 2021, Tampa, Florida
Age of Death 71
Cause of Death Acute pancreatitis


Robby Steinhardt
Robby Steinhardt I

Robby Steinhardt Cause Of Death

Robby Steinhardt died of complications from pancreatitis on July 17, 2021, in Tampa, Florida at age 71. His wife, Cindy Steinhardt, said he died Saturday at a hospital.


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