R5 Homixide Cause of Death: How Did R5 Homixide Die?

For the rap lovers, R5 Homixde’s death was a big blow to them when they heard of his sudden death on August 23, 2021.

According to reports, the young rapper’s death wasn’t natural as he committed suicide. This shocked his fans and followers as they are in huge grief after his demise. Most of his fans have taken to their social media page to eulogize the rapper.

R5 Homixide

In June 2021, he was invited to a YouTube show, Lalaa Land. During the interview, he talked about death murder charges and other cases. He even shared his struggle to become what he is to a street boy. He said in the interview, “My life was just like a Grand Theft Auto, and you can’t make it a home”.

R5 Homixide also attempted suicide but the exact reason behind this is still unknown. The police are still investigating what led to his death.

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