Peaky Blinders Actor, Toby Kirkup, Died Hours After Being Discharged From The Hospital

A Peaky Blinder actor from Huddersfield has reportedly died alone a few moments after being sent home from the hospital.

Toby Kirkup, 48, was told he had gastritis but later suffered a cardiac arrest and died the same day he was discharged. According to reports, he was sent home, where his condition deteriorated and began vomiting and suffered cardiac arrest.

Kirkup starred as a police officer in BBC One Series Peaky Blinders. He also enjoyed a role in ITV soap Emmerdale.

Toby Kirkup
Photo Credit: The Mirror

Quick facts about Tony Kirkup

  • Toby Kirkup was a British expert entertainer
  • He was a notable moderator for more than 2 years. He was generally outstanding for his part as a cop in BBC’s Peaky Blinders.
  • He attended the University of Huddersfield and studied dramatization and functioned as an essayist, assistant, TV moderator and entertainer.
  • According to his Linkedin profile, he is an expert entertainer at David Johnson dramatization and moderator at Costa Del Sol.
  • Toby Kirkip died at the age of 48.


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