Opambour plays tennis with pastors in church [Video]

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Posted by Amaning Kwarteng Junior on Friday, January 1, 2021

After a successful vigil, Founder and Leader of Ebenezer Miracle Worship Centre decided to entertain his congregation with a table tennis match.

Ebenezer Adakwa Yaidom, popularly known as Prophet One or Opambour asked his junior pastors to position it at the centre of the auditorium to showcase his skills.

He battled them out like a pro as his congregants cheered him on to victory.

His congregants showered him with praises including ‘Chairman general, Prophet no size, showboy’, among others.

The accolades gingered the Opambour as he defeated his pastors who gave the baton to others to battle the ‘champion’ out.

The match, which lasted for hours, saw Obambour defeat all his junior pastors.

Watch video below:

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