Olivia Podmore Cause Of Death: How Did Olivia Podmore Die?

Olivia Podmore was a New Zealand track cyclist and 2017 New Zealand keirin champion. Olivia Podmore rode in the women’s team sprint event in Rio and also competed at the 2020 world championships. She died at the age of 24 in her room.

Hours before her death, Olivia made a concerning post on Instagram. In the post, she addressed the struggles of athletes competing at an elite level. The post reads:

“Sport is an amazing outlet for so many people, it’s a struggle, it’s a fight but it’s so joyous.

“The feeling when you win is unlike any other, but the feeling when you lose, when you don’t get selected even when you qualify, when your injured, when you don’t meet society’s expectations such as owning a house, marriage, kids all because [you’re] trying to give everything to your sport is also unlike any other.”

Olivia Podmore (GETTY IMAGES)

How Did Olivia Podmore Die?

How Olivia Podmore died is not yet known. Her cause of death is not known but many speculate that she might have committed suicide considering the post she made earlier on. No official statement has been released to that effect. According to the Police, Olivia Podmore was found dead in her room.

Anna Meares, Aussie cycling legend, in a tribute on Twitter urged people to reach out for help if they feel alone, hurting, or feel lost or helpless. Her tweet reads:

“My heart breaks for the loss of a young life. Sorry you were in pain. #[email protected]#NZcycling#Olympian

“Please reach out if you feel alone, are hurting, feel lost or helpless.”

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