Obi Cubana Promises To Give 300 Oba Anambra Youths One Million Naira Each In The Memory Of His Late Mother

Nigerian Socialite, Obi Cubana, has become the talk of the town in the past few weeks after breaking the internet with his mother’s burial. He made people crave death and treated money like garbage. The burial had so many people talking due to its grand nature.

Obi Cubana

Celebrities and dignitaries were seen clinging to Cubana like commoners. The burial has broken a record of becoming the most talked-about and most trendy burial ever to grace the grounds of Nigeria. One of the first few things Obi did to honor Mama Cubana was to purchase a diamond pendent with his mother’s face on it.

The next thing was to promise the completion of a church building along with his friends in honor of his mother. To top it all, he has promised to give three-hundred (300) youths of Oba – the hometown of his mother – N1million each in honor of his mother and as a support to the town’s natives so they have something to start life with, according to sources.

The net worth of Obi Cubana has not yet been confirmed by any valid source but some people have estimated it to be about $500 million.

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