Obi Cubana Buries Mother In Style; Here Are Some Funny Twitter Takes About The Burial That Will Crack You Up

Nigerian Businessman and Philanthropist, Obi Cubana, who lost his mother a while ago has put up an outrageous style of burial that has caused a stir on the internet.

Many people have shared their thoughts about how luxurious the burial is, as movie stars and celebrities were filmed spraying money on people. In a video that was posted online, Nigerian Actor, Kanyo. O. Kanyo was seen in a room with loads of Naira bundles on a table.

Obi Cubana

There have been other videos and pictures circulating as friends of Obi Cubana spray cash on him on the dance floor. He revealed that over 200 cows were presented to him by his friends to help support his mother’s burial. As a way to remember his mother, Cubana has gotten himself a pendant and a necklace with his mother’s face on it which cost $100,000.

As the burial and happenings around it hit the internet, netizens shared their opinion on how grand it is. Some funny posts and comments made the occasion somewhat difficult to tell it was a sad one.


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