Netizens React As White Foreigners Make It Rain On Obi Cubana At His Mum’s Funeral

The extravagant money spending of Cubana Chief Priest on his mother’s funeral day has gotten tongues wagging with different comments.

Cubana Chief Priest

Recall he displayed and had an expensive funeral for his mother. This was graced by prominent people and some White Foreigners who came all the way from their home countries, with both Nigerian Actors and other musicians inclusive. Luxurious cars were also spotted by the rich men who attended the funeral. Considering these Kanayo O Kayo alarmed that Nigerian men should check their wives when they give excuses of going out on weekends. This is because he claims these women would be at the funeral of rich men.

Cubana Chief Priest

Nigerians started reacting to the shows that were made after the videos were circulated on social media. Some Nigerians reached out to the President of Nigeria in their comments. They did that to advise him to go for a loan from these big men. It was also disclosed that the Benin girls had been to the premises to have their way through these men.

Watch the video below:

See some reactions below:

@briefwoman wrote;

Buhari swallow your pride and take loan from Anambra men 😂

😂, stop borrowing up and down from China .. You can’t fight these men and win

@gheraldo wrote;

Benin girls don pack go Oba Palace for Ring Road and na Oba 4 Anambra be the burial location. 😂


@amaka_paloma wrote;

Person dey bury him mama, you dey your house dey shout “God when”, abi you want make your mama die? 😏

@oyeen453 wrote:

Obi Cubana don over shadow all event for dis weekend,we no even notice say Ooni of Ife Dey open resort 😂

😂 even wizkid bday na by the way 😂😂🤣

@its_angeleluna wrote;

Angels will be playing Dorime for cubana’s mom in heaven right now. They’ll say 26 cows for God, 15 cows for Jesus, the remaining one for the angels.
You no get money you go Dey die, who you wan impress

@iteegoigbo wrote;

If you go big for this life, you must be big. But to be bigger, you need to uplift others. One man no de make convoy


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