Moesha Buduong’s Pastor Calls On The General Public To Partake In An Intercessory Prayer For The Actress (VIDEO)

Ghanaian Actress, Moesha Buduong, has become a topical issue for some days now following her strange behavior. The known ‘slay-queen’ weirdly turned a new leaf after her trip from one of her hangouts with her friends. Just after she returned, she began preaching the word of God and urging people to repent from their sins.

Her pastor, who happens to be the head of The Revelation Church International, Gabby Ibe a few days ago broke silence on the internet following rumors of him taking things from Moesha after her repentance in a form of goodwill. Earlier today, Pastor Gabby sent out a video, begging people to help participate in an intercessory prayer so they can help ‘heal’ the Ghanaian socialite cum actress.

Pastor Gabby Ibe: picture posted on his Instagram page.

So many people have shared their views regarding the recent changes happening to Moesha; some believe she has been possessed, others also believe she has heard or seen something she wasn’t supposed to, hence, her fear for death dragging her to Christ. Other people also believe she’s acting on genuine feelings; that is, actually repenting from her sins and becoming a newborn.

Moesha has openly said in public and on several platforms that, she only dates men for money, therefore no broke guy should come close to her. She once said it in an interview with renowned BBC journalist, Christine Amanpour.

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