Mission: Impossible: Dramatic Scenes As Production Resumes (PHOTOS)

Mission impossible is a series of American action spy films based on and a follow-on from the television series of the same name created by Bruce Geller. The series is mainly produced by and stars Tom Cruise, whose character is Ethan Hunt, an agent of the Impossible Missions Force (IMF).

The films have been directed, written, and scored by various filmmakers and crew while incorporating musical themes from the original state by Lalo Schifrin.

Mission Impossible 7
Photo Credit: Variety.com

Production on Mission Impossible 7 began again at the end of last month, after being paused and delayed multiple times due to the Covid pandemic. And the scenes are looking to be highly dramatic if pictures from Friday’s filming set are anything to go by, with a photographer on set telling The Derbyshire Times that Tom Cruise flew over the site via his helicopter.

Tom’s arrival at the scene in a helicopter is believed by many fans that this could be the final scene of the latest Mission Impossible film.

See the photos below;

Photo Credit: Click News & Photos/ SpashNews.com


Photo Credit: Mercury Press & Media


Photo Credit: Click News & Photos/ SpashNews.com


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