Michael Gargiulo: Top Facts About The Convicted American Serial killer And Rapist

Michael Gargiulo is a convicted American serial killer and rapist. He was born on February 15, 1976, in Glenview, Illinois, USA. He moved to Southern California in the 1990s and has been nicknamed, The Hollywood Ripper.

Michael Gargiulo was convicted of two counts of first-degree murder and sentenced to death on July 16, 2021. After more than a decade in jail, alleged serial killer Micheal Thomas Gargiulo, 43, goes on trial in Los Angeles. Prosecutors described him as a serial, psychosexual, thrill killer.

Michael Gargiulo
Photo Credit: Sky News

Michael Gargiulo Wife

Michael Gargiulo was married to Ana Luz Gonzalez. They married in the year 2007 however, Micheal was arrested for murder and rape after their wedding. He was hauled in custody shortly after their marriage, thus it appears that she has already divorced him.


Michael Gargiulo didn’t have any children. He hadn’t been married for long and according to reports, he didn’t get along with ladies, as all his victims were females.

Serial Killer

Michael Gargiulo is a serial killer and rapist in the United States. He is suspected of killing more than 10 women over the course of roughly 15 years, he stabbed his victims multiple times and sexually abused them before and after they were killed.

Death Sentence

Michael Gargiulo was first charged with only two murders in California and received a lighter sentence. However, after further research and the discovery that he was a serial killer and rapist, his sentences were prolonged and he was sentenced to death row

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