Men Dislike Lazy And Jobless Women-Woman Says As She Advises Fellow Women (Video)

A Tilapia seller has dished out pieces of advice to fellow women.

Speaking in an interview on BrownGH TV’s inspirational program,’Adwuma Adwuma‘ hosted by First Lady, the woman advised fellow women to learn a ‘trade’ or job which will enable them to cater for themselves and also support their husbands or partners.

She further indicated that men dislike lazy and jobless women so the youth should look beyond the white-collar jobs and commence their own business.

The woman complained that the youths dislike unskilled jobs and see it as dirty jobs.

“The youth of today don’t like to work. Many of them see unskilled jobs especially the Tilapia business as a dirty business. Most of them come to work with us and leave after a few days afterwards because it’s not their kind of job. Beauty doesn’t take you anywhere. Men of today if you marry them and are not working they won’t love or respect you. Men like women who work to support them in the home. So if you are a woman and you are lazy and don’t like to work, you will suffer in your marriage.” The woman told First Lady of BrownGH TV.

The woman also revealed that the Tilapia business is very lucrative and she can make over GH¢ 1000 monthly.

Watch the inspiring video below:

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