“Men Are Born To Hustle And Spend The Money On We Women” – Bobrisky

Bobrisky has gotten tongues wagging as she showcases her feminist personality in a new post she made on Instagram.

Source: Instagram

The Nigerian crossdresser in the post stated that women do get away with some things because men are born to suffer for their opposite genders to enjoy. Classifying herself as a woman has attracted mixed reactions on social media. Even though she had some people sided with her, she was still being criticized for putting herself in the female gender whilst he is a man.

Source: Bellanaija

Bobrisky always ignores the negativities of social media users and lives her life to the fullest. She has been able to adjust to being a female with her charming looks and beauty.

See her post below:

See some reactions below:

@sophia_obianuju wrote;

But she no lie ooo women do get away with a lot of things.. but it’s not our fault nau

@jboy86 wrote;

@I love Bobrisky she’s always bold and he always speak her mind not minding what people will say about it,..
Your Wife will be lucky to have a brave man like you as husband and your kids will be very happy to have a fearless mother like you,..

@mrpresidennt wrote;

Bob is definitely using the opposite gender better than them. Mama the papa of life

@wonderboyvibes wrote;

Lmaoo no wonder you sharply denounce the the male gender. Las las you’re still one of us 😂

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