Meet 2 BBNaija Season 6 Housemates Who Never Fulfilled Their Football Potentials

The new season of the BBNaija reality show has two housemates who were once footballers but did not hit the peak of their careers due to varying injuries. Although they have gotten over that, he seems to be happy in their new industry.


Boma is one of the housemates who was previously a footballer. He played for some amateur football in Europe but just when he was about to hit big in the industry, he got injured and had to stop playing.

Cross BBNaija Season 6

The second housemate who also quit his football career is Cross. Cross owns his own protein shakes, co-owns a restaurant and has spent some of his early days in England. Whiles, he was in England, he gave football a try but couldn’t survive in the industry due to injuries hence, he had to quit.



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