“Medikal Deceived Me” – Sister Deborah Looks For Excuses As Sam George Defeats Her On LGBTQ Argument

Member of Parliament for Ningo Prapram, Ghana, Sam ‘Dzata’ George, has appeared as the leader for the LGBTQ+ criminal law to be passed in Ghana. His position has caused a Twitter feud between him and pop artiste, Sister Deborah.

For months now, the majority of Ghanaians have voiced their opinion of the legalization of LGBTQ+ in the country.

However, while the majority are against it, the minority support and keep pushing for its legalization. Sam George who has promised to see to it that it never becomes legal in Ghana has led a team to propose a law to criminalize whoever engages in it.

After excerpts of the bill were leaked, the minority in support of LGBTQ+ have expressed their displeasure. Sister Derby, former girlfriend of Amg Medikal took to Twitter to verbally abuse the honorable member for his position on LGBTQ+. Sam George replied by making reference to her relationship with Medikal.

Sister Derby in her rebuttal claims that she was deceived by Amg Medikal.

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