Les Dawson: Top Questions About The Late English Comedian Answered

Les Dawson was an English comedian, actor, writer and presenter who is best remembered for deadpan style, curmudgeonly persona and jokes about his mother-in-law and wife. He was born on February 2, 1931, in Collyhurst, Manchester, England. He was the son of Leslie Dawson Sr. and Julia Nolan.

Les Dawson
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Before he rose to fame, Dawson wrote poetry and kept it secret. It was not expected that someone of his working-class background would have literary ambitions. Les was portly and often dressed in John Bull costume. He introduced to his BBC television show a dancing group of fat ladies called the Roly Polys. Dawson’s style as a comic was world-weary, lugubrious and earthy.

In 1991, Dawson starred in BBC production of Nona (originally a 1979 Argentine film, La Nona, in which the 100 year-year old, compulsive eating mother, in a Buenos Aires household during the recession of 1981.

How did Les Dawson die?

Les Dawson passed away in 1993 because of a heart attack during a medical examination at the Greater Manchester hospital in the Whalley Range area of Manchester leaving behind his wife and children.

Was Les Dawson married?

Who was Les Dawson’s wife? Les Dawson was married to Tracy Dawson. But before her, he was married to Magaret Dawson before she died from Cancer in 1986.

Was Les Dawson married twice?

Les Dawson was married twice throughout his life. His first wife, Magaret Dawson, was together with Les from 1960 until she died on April 15, 1986, from cancer. They had three children. He later married Tracy Dawson.

Where did Les Dawson die?

Les Dawson died at Whalley Range, United Kingdom. He died when he was attending a routine health appointment at Greater Manchester hospital when he suffered a heart attack.

Les Dawson’s children

Les Dawson had four children, Charlotte Dawson, Julie Dawson, Stuart Dawson and Pamela Dawson.

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