Latest News On Messi Transfer: Funny Reactions On Social Media As Messi Cries During Press Conference At Barca

Argentine National, Lionel Messi after spending over a decade of his club football career at the Spanish La Liga side, Barcelona recently announced his departure from the team.


Arguably the longest-running player to ever grace the fields of Camp Nou, Messi made his competitive debut at Barcelona at age seventeen (17). Management of the team however announced his resignation from the team a few days ago.

According to sources, Barcelona couldn’t meet his salary expectations even after he slashed a large part of it down. A few hours ago, the Copa American Cup Winner held a press conference at Barcelona to bid the team and his fans farewell. During the press conference, he broke down in tears, expressing how heartbreaking it is to leave the club that made him who he is today.

Some social media users, especially Twitter, have ridiculously reacted to him weeping as many create memes and troll Barca fans for losing one of the world’s best players.





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