Kwaku Manu Is Behind Funny Face And Vanessa’s Reunion

Funny Face reunites with Vanessa and kids again!
Funny Face reunites with Vanessa

After adorable photos of Funny Face and Vanessa flodded on social media, it has been revealed that actor Kwaku Manu did the magic behind scenes.

In the photos, the comic actor was seen smiling while he meets Vanessa and his twins.

Just moments after the photos got social media folks reacting happily, we have gathered that actor cum Youtuber, Kwaku Manu made this possible.

From what we know so far, Kwaku Manu made this possible after he publicly vowed in one of his social media posts that he was going to get Funny Face and his baby mama back together because he didn’t like the things the actor was going through.

Check out the photos of the moment the family of Funny Face in the company of Kwaku Manu and Ayisha Modi paid a visit to Funny Face at psychiatry hospital


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