Keyshia Cole’s Mother: Frankie Lons Cause Of Death

Frankie Lons, the biological mother of superstar Keyshia Cole, has died at age 61. Lons rose to fame when she featured on her daughter’s 2006 BET show, Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is. She died at her residence on 81st Ave in Oakland, California.

According to reports, she was partying at her Oakland home, where she apparently relapsed after a decades-long battle with addiction, family members confirmed to TMZ. The news was first broke by Cole’s sister, Elite Noel, who shared the news on Instagram, describing her passing as the worst pain ever.

Frankie Lons and Keyshia Cole
Photo Credit: Revolt TV

Meanwhile, Keyshia Coe is yet to make a public statement regarding the death of her mother. Her relationship with her biological parents was mostly dysfunctional until her burgeoning music career paved way for the family to reconnect.

Frankie Lons became a fan favorite on the shows, eventually leading to a spin-off series alongside Cole’s sister, Naffe Pugh called, Frankie and Neffe.

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