Kendrick Lamar To Sell Old Home for $800k

Kendrick Lemar is making it affordable for all. Unlike many celebs, Kendrick is letting go of his old home cheap as one would expect.

Kendrick Lamar’s humble home east of L.A has hit the market, and it can be yours for way less than a million bucks!!! It been the home his parents and niblings were raised.

Image credit, Twitter
Image credit, Twitter

The modest — in hip-hop star terms — 4-bed, 2.5-bath property in the Inland Empire city of Eastvale for several years is out for a grab.

It was built in 2006 so it’s still very modern … and it also boasts a swimming pool and spa. Kendrick’s listed the house at $800,000, so he’s set to make a nice chunk of change when it sells because he paid $523,400 for the place in 2014.

Image credit, Twitter

The rapper has moved the family into a newly acquired property of around $2.65 million leaving the L.A family home empty. He sells it above the cost of acquisition in 2014.

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