Johnny Drille Links Up With American Singer Jon Bellion In The Studio (VIDEO)

Nigerian Singer, Johnny Drille, has been seen with American Singer, Jon Bellion, as they link up in a studio in New York. Drille is set to release his debut album, ‘Before We Fall Asleep,’ this September, therefore, some fans are anticipating a collaboration with the ‘All Time Low,’ hitmaker.

Johnny Drille and Jon Bellion

In a Twitter post Drille made, he disclosed that he was listening to the unreleased album with Bellion, and urged fans to wait as he promises to deliver an incredible body of work.

“Listening to the #BeforeWeFallAsleep album with @jonbellion. There are so much more great things to come. The future is so bright it’s blinding.

Album out Sept 3,” he wrote.

A little over a year ago, the two met for the first time where they both expressed love and appreciation for their music. Some fans believe that, they both have similarities in the genre of music they do and even the way they go about releasing their songs. Jon Bellion could go days without releasing a song and come out with the best R&B song which will be very well appreciated by his fans, same as Drille.

According to some music lovers, they both do songs for a particular caliber of people who sit to digest the lyrics of the songs before making a judgment. Therefore, seeing both of them together has made so many people happy as they anticipate a possible collaboration.


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